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God Tracer: Night Song by Ekk-the-5ifth God Tracer: Night Song by Ekk-the-5ifth
A contest entry for's Anime Mania contest

Anime title Generated: God Tracer
second title (also generated): Night Song


Brighton 3015, the future is now. Victorian England is bursting with new industry and outrageous inventions. But not all is well in the world. Times are dark. Soot from factories has covered everything. The city is in perpetual night. And night is no longer beautiful, no longer full of magic or song. The gods have gone away from this new dirty world. The streety surroundings offer no hope. Greedy business men and unscrupulous politicians feed off of people's need for the light, for the music that is no more. What happened to the muses and faeries that brought luminosity, beauty and colour? It seems as though the gods indeed have left. Silence and drear remain in their stead. And worse, people are beginning to lose the desire for light and art. Some dispute the need for the gods and others claim they never existed at all...
But one brave soul hears a whisper of song; sees a glimmer of light. Shaung Huian emerges from the shadow with a rare and dangerous gift: the ability to trace the god's tracks.

Characters and colouring guide:

Shaung Huian - Female Age: 17
At age 14, Shaung found a purple card floating in a street puddle. On it she found a clue: "The gods do exist" Ever since, she listened and looked for signs of them. And one day, shortly after her 17th birthday she heard it. Since no one in her family would believe her, she ran away from home to fully develop her gifts and embark on a journey to save the gods. Once a rich heiress, she has left all she's known to seek after the gods. She seeks the answers to both why they left and how she can get them back. She has long reddish-pink hair and golden eyes. She has a penchant for wearing earthy colours.

Hikari He - Male age: 23
Despite the fact that Shuang ran away from home without telling a soul, Hikari has been following her from the start. He fully believes in Shuang's ability and her good intentions. He understands and agrees of the need for the gods, despite the differing opinions of those all around. He is well trained in fencing and carries a sword hidden inside a walking stick everywhere he goes. He has proclaimed himself as Shaung's protector and never lets her out of his sight. He has dark hair and dark blue eyes. He prefers wearing blacks, greys and dark purple.

Qiang Li - Male age: 20
Along the way Shuand finds Qiang Li, who also possesses the god tracing gift. She does her best to convince him to help her but Qiang Li is not so sure that the gods need finding. Though he knows they exist because he senses them often. He tends to brood a lot and sees the negative side of most things, likely caused by his having grown up on the streets without a family. His one joy in life his girlfriend Liling. He has shaggy pale blond hair and brown eyes. He wears mostly brown besides his ever-present oversized blue suit-coat which he found in a dumpster.

Liling Mei: Female age: 22
Liling is always doing her best to look on the bright side. She works in a night club as a waitress and tries not to think about how it always seems like it's night, whether or not she's at work. She found Qiang rummaging through the dumpster one night while taking out the trash and taking a smoke break. They began to chat and she couldn't help but like him despite all his gloominess. When she meets Shuang and finds out about Qiang's gift she immediately throws her lot in with them and persuades Qiang to join the search. She has light brown hair and bright green eyes. She loves wearing bright colours, blue, pink, orange and yellow.

Ma-ku (Ami) Female age: none
Ma-ku is the goddess of music. She is the first of the gods found. And unfolds the facts that she knows to help the Shaung and her followers find the other gods. She even disguises herself as human and goes with them, calling herself Ami. In her goddess form she has light blue hair and wears flowing robes of white, blue and pink colours. In her human disguise, she wears a dark grey robe and her hair is a dark bluish black. Her eyes are cherry-blossom pink.

Ichirou Hayato: Male age: 25
Ichirou is the bitter son of a successful, dishonest politician. He has a strong thirst for power and is not picky as to how he obtains it. He hears rumours of "God tracers" and decides his best bet to amassing wealth and prestige is by having one of these types in his grip. In his eagerness to get his hands on a "god of his own" he and his hired men cause Shuang and her friends trouble at every turn. He has dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. He wears black, as is appropriate for villains.

More About the Anime:

Originally a manga, God Tracer had many fans right from the start when the anime was released by Anna-Mei Features in 2007. The addition to the title "Night Song" implied that there would be several more series featuring Shuang and her familiar group. It was equally sought after by both boys and girls being a well portrayed drama that artistically mixed mystery, adventure and a splash of romance. However, despite the series' huge following nothing has since been produced by Anna-Mei Features. Paraphanalia company Funny-Frogs bought up the rights and made a fortune on anime's popularity by selling all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia; such as this colouring book you see here. I also made it all up.

Thanks for your attention if you made it this far.
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