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Songstress Poisoner by Ekk-the-5ifth Songstress Poisoner by Ekk-the-5ifth
The man eyed the black-haired girl lecherously. She appeared to be unarmed and wore only a strangely fashioned dress for protection; it showed off her lithe body well. Alone in the woods and the only thing she carried was a large stringed instrument, it looked fairly harmless. She must be lost, he thought, and grinned. Easy prey.

As he approached her she turned and smiled at him. Her smile unnerved him, it was too confident; hateful almost. She sat demurely on a stump and propped a dainty foot upon a log. He hesitated, unsure. Was she going to serenade him? He almost chuckled at the thought. Her instrument was poised to play, she strummed the strings and began to sing. It was lilting and lovely, the music blended with her voice in a dizzying way. It was...intoxicating. He felt the need to lie down to hear it better. He closed his eyes and remembered no more.
Beware the Songstress Poisoner.

This is for the newest contest Weapons and Characters.
Magical Girl generator: This hateful magical girl's slanted eyes are the color of polished amber. Her very short, curly, silky hair is the color of obsidian, and is worn in an exotic style. She has a lithe build. She has poison powers that are invoked by songs. Her outfit is green and yellow in even proportions, and it is essentially a fashion model's finest.
Her lute is actually a weapon called Venomshiv (got from the weapons generator); it enhances the powers of her songs.

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