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Being Fitted for Salvage Armor by Ekk-the-5ifth Being Fitted for Salvage Armor by Ekk-the-5ifth
This is a picture I made for the Seventh Sanctum contest "Cross Genre Characters"
The generator came up with a Steampunk/fantasy class called a Salvage Armorer. Which is a armor smith who creates his armor from scrap and salvaged metal. Very cool, very steampunky. (I love steampunk)

The description for the Salvage armorer is this:
This studious man has deep-set blue eyes that are like two lagoons. His thick, straight, short hair is the color of dying embers, and is worn in an impractacal, artistic style. He is very short and has an overmuscled build. His skin is cream-colored. He has prominent ears. His wardrobe is strange and tight, with a lot of brown and blue.

I got a description for the girl too, just because:

This wild woman has large brown eyes that are like two tiger-eye gems. Her fine, wavy, smoke-gray hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a gush of water. She is very tall and has a lithe build. Her skin is tanned. She has prominent cheekbones and a small mouth. Her wardrobe is practical.

She's some kind of elven steampunk warrior, I guess.
Pneumatic Knight? Scrap Templar? Who knows.

Being bad at drawing measuring tapes, I think it's hard for a viewer to tell that he's measuring her arm there. So I titled it "Being fitted for salvage armor" so one will get the general idea....I hope.

I really like some of the ideas that the fusion class generator randomized, and I hope I get a chance to illustrate more of them.
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October 14, 2009
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